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Nº de jugadores: 1 - 4

Desde: 14

Duración: 30 - 120 minutos

Idioma: Inglés 

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Vengeance is a miniatures board game that embodies the essence of pulp revenge movies like Kill Bill, Old Boy, Django Unchained and the like. You play a hero that has been left for dead by shady underworld gangs, out to avenge yourself. You win by building your hero up into an unstoppable killing machine, mowing down the villains who wronged you, bursting into their bosses’ dens to lay down your vengeance upon them in action-packed fight sequences.

The fight turn is the heart of the game. Players pick one of the scouted gang dens containing a boss who has wronged them and burst into the gang den to exact bloody revenge. Players gain VPs for killing the boss, clearing the den from all the minions or, for maximum points, both. Players have three turns to do this and get out of the den in one piece.

Fights feel fluid and dynamic, like an actual fight sequence, despite their being turn based. building a string of combos and pulling them off during fight turns. the variety of strategies possible. the balance of chance and strategy/puzzle solving are awesome. The Vengeance core game supports 1-4 players and takes 30 minutes per player to complete. The core game includes 4 gangs: Zuce Clan, Lordz, Tengu-Kai and the Hell Riders. 



2018 RPC Fantasy Award Tabletop & Miniatures Game Nominee


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