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Unter Geiern
  • Unter Geiern

Unter Geiern

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Nº de jugadores: 2 - 6

Desde: 10 años

Duración: 30 minutos

Idioma: Alemán (Independiente del idioma, salvo instrucciones)

En stock. Recíbelo en 24/48 horas

Nur einer wird satt - only one will get fed! In this game you play a vulture in search for food in the desert.

You try to discover prey before your "comrade" vultures do. They will immediately join the fray as soon as one vulture is starting to feed on prey. Oh, the jealous crowd!

Among Vultures is a fast-paced cardgame taking place in an empty desert. Empty? Not at all! There are lots of corpses to be feasted on, but not alone. You and your friendly vulture will start to explore the neighbourhood and start to fight with the other players about your bait. Beware of the rattlesnakes!


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